ONIKUMA X15 Pro RGB Head Beam Gaming Headphones with Mic 3.5mm Durable Stereo Surround RGB Headset Gamer for Game for PS5 Switch


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Professional Gaming Headset

Adaptive Head Beam, RGB Light, Stereo Surround

Full Earmuffs, HD Mic, Light Weight

Dynamic RGB Light

Ambilight breathing gradient light bring you a cool gaming experience

Virtual Surround Sound

Virtual surround sound and precise positioning bring you a shocking gaming experience

Omnidirectional HD Microphone

Flexible Noise Cancelling HD Microphone for smooth communication

50mm Driver

50mm driver unit make higher clarity depth sound and create a rich sound experience

Adaptive Head Beam

Light and soft adaptive suspension head beam for all day comfortable wear especially good for glasses wearers

Lightweight Design

The lightweight design weighs only about 268g,it will not compress your ears for long time games

Aluminum-steel Head Beam

The bauxite material frame and stainless steel head beam make the headset lighter, more flexible and durable

Full Breathable and Comfortable Earmuffs

Cool gel earmuffs ensure long-term wearing comfort,large earmuffs are designed for excellent sound isolation

Convenient Button Control

Convenient microphone and voice control

Widely Compatible

Product Display

Colorful lights make the game more cool

Package List

Include: Headset*1, Manual*1, Microphone sponge cover*1, 1-to-2 transfer cable*1

Product Features:

1.Unique transparent luminous head beam design to give the most gorgeous lighting effects when playing games, which will create a real battlefield surround players.

2.The 50mm oversized speaker units and graphene diaphragm ensure perfect performance on Treble, Mid and Bass to deliver the truest sound.

3.Ultimate pursuit of comfort: 268g lightweight design, breathable all-inclusive earmuffs, adaptive head beam, all those sweet design will make sure your comfort in long time wearing.


1.Model: X15 Pro

2.Speaker diameter: 50mm

3.Impedance: 32ohm±15%

4.Sensitivity: 102+-3db

5.Frequency: 20-20KHz

6.Mic dimensions: 6.0*5.0mm

7.Mic sensitivity: -38+-3dB

8.Mic impedance: 2.2kohm

9.Directivity: Omnidirectional

10.Working current: Below 100mA

11.Cable length: 2.2m/7.22ft

12.RGB LED working voltage: DC 5V+/-5%

1.Q: Is it ONIKUMA original? What about the warranty?

A: We are ONIKUMA origianl official store. ONIKUMA has 12 years manufacturing experience and provide 2-years warranty for every product based on product quality.

2.Q: Which model does the headphones? Does it fit X Box, PS4 and switch?

A: The 3.5mm model fits for all 3.5mm connection devices. It is fit for PS4/PS VISTA/XBox One/Nintendo Switch/PC/Laptop/Windows OS/Mac OS/Smartphone/Tablet/Android OS/IOS/WP OP/. The USB model only fits for USB connection models like computer.

3.Q: Does the headset has 7.1 channel?

A: There are 2 models optional 3.5mm and USB 7.1 surround. We recommend 3.5mm for daily music and USB 7.1 surround for professional gaming. 7.1 surround is with immersive sound effect, which can identify the position of other players in the game.

4.Q: Is the USB port used for audio?

A: The USB plug of 3.5mm models is only for RGB light.

5.Q: Is the RGB adjustable?

A: The RGB color is not adjustable. It is powered by the USB port. The RGB is on when you plug the USB and off when you unplug the USB.

6.Q: Is the cat ear detachable?

A: Yes, the cat ear is detachable. It is suitable for festival and daily use. ONIKUMA also has X15PRO with cat ear and antler(contact us to buy it). ONIKUMA products are both for lovely and daily use.

7.Q: Is the headset comfortable to wear? Is it suitable for playing games for a long time?

A: All ONIKUMA products are ergonomic. The head beam has a cushioning design, which is light in weight and suitable for long time wearing of games and music.

8.Q: How to do if there is a sound problem?

A: Please check whether the interface is inserted correctly. You can replace the device to check. If the headset is purchased in wireless version, it is recommended to re link it after restart. ONIKUMA products have undergone five levels of product testing and quality assurance.

9.Q: Is the logistics time fast? How to change the address?

A: All orders are delivered through the Aliexpress official logistics with protection. You can see the predicted delivery time in the product link. “AliExpress Selection Standard” is shipped from Aliexpress warehouse and they will send out in sevral hours. If the address can’t be changed in time, we suggest you to make a new order.

10.Q: What to do if the logistics information has not been updated for a long time or the package is hold by the customs?

A: Please contact us in time when you find abnormal logistics. We will help to contact the post office and customs to solve the problem.

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China, SPAIN, Russian Federation, France




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